Friday, April 3, 2009

The Only Envelope Stuffing Program That Works

A Co-op mailing service is an ideal little home-based business that can be started immediately by just about anybody. Although a little business, it can snowball into a highly successful venture that could provide for you and your family for the rest of your life. If you do it correctly and stick to it, you can earn virtually tens of thousands of dollars monthly whilst providing a much-needed service to businesses.

Other advantages of providing this service is that you need not outlay any cash of your own, you buy no equipment, you do not need to do any door to door sales, you can work part-time when it suits you and you can involve your entire family to help you out. There’s no experience required - all you need do is read this report and away you go! Simply follow our instructions as listed here and there’s no reason to fail. Do this business for as long as you wish - for the rest of your life if you’d like. A Co-op Mailing Service will always be in demand by other businesses in their quest for success.

How It All Works

Mail order businesses are always mailing out circulars to prospects. In order for them to do this on an ongoing basis, they have to do the following:

1. Advertise for enquiries to generate a mailing list to send their marketing brochures to, and/or

2. Rent mailing lists from a mailing list broker and send their marketing circulars to people on this list.

3. Purchase envelopes and stamps or postage paid envelopes.
4. Have their circulars printed.

5. Fold and stuff envelopes with circulars and seal.

6. Take the completed mail to the post office for posting.

The Service You Provide

Your duties as a mailing service provider will be to mail out circulars on behalf of these businesses for which you will charge them a fee far lower than what they will pay to do these things on their own. Your clients need only pay you a small fee which is lower than their mailing lists/advertising, postage and labour costs combined.

Your clients make contact with you and indicate that they want to make use of your mailing service. They tell you how many they want mailed out and supply you the circulars that must be mailed out. Each client will be quoted on a circular that is one A4 sheet either single or double-sided printed. If a client’s circular is more than this, then you must increase your fee accordingly. You will be able to stuff 5-6 such circulars into one envelope, so you will be able to deal with 5-6 clients at the same time provided they all have single A4 circulars, printed either one or two sides. You use your own mailing list or you may rent them at a nominal cost. You buy the required number of envelopes either prepaid or just plain envelopes and standard postage stamps. The mailing list you have or have rented will be in the form of sticky labels. You simply stick these on the envelopes or you may address these envelopes out by hand if you don’t have them on labels. Either way works out just fine. You fold and stuff all circulars and seal envelopes. You may employ your own family members to do the laborious tasks of sticking labels, writing out envelopes, folding, stuffing and sealing envelopes. Once the mail is ready, you simply hand them over to your nearest post office.

How Much To Charge

In order to figure out how much to charge, you first have to ascertain your total costs per 1000 mailing. Add a 50-75% mark-up to this cost. Now divide the total by the number of clients you have for one mailing. The figure you get is the fee you will charge each client. They’ll soon realize that this fee they will pay you is far less than what they would have paid had they done this themselves – and they don’t have to do any work too! Remember, your clients pay you this fee first before you do anything. You use part of this payment to pay for stationery/postage costs and the balance is your profits. Hence, you need not outlay any of your own money.

Finding Clients

Finding clients should be a relatively easy task. The trick here is to remind your prospective clients of the huge savings they will be making on their mailing. You will also save them time and the hassle of doing the laborious task of preparing and mailing large quantities of circulars. Find clients by searching through many magazine and newspapers that carry a lot of ads from mail order companies. Make contact with these companies and offer your services to them. You may also advertise in the Yellow Pages, on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines. Good Luck!

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